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                                                                WE SCOOP THE POO!

If you love your pet but hate their poo, let Dookie Doo the dirty work for you!  Keeping your yard clean of pet waste is a dreaded but necessary task that has to be done frequently.


With our flexible weekly, Twice a week, bi-weekly, and monthly scheduling, keeping your yard safe and sanitary has never been more easy or convenient!  Stop worrying about stepping in your poochie's poo, call Dookie Doo's pooper scooper service!

When you select our additional; service to disinfect your yard, we spray with a broad-spectrum veridical, bactericidal  and fungicide disinfectant that works rapidly and is effective on 99.9%  of pathogens and its formulated to be safe around pets! 

For our feline friends we offer a Complete Litter Box Service that eliminates the need to buy kitty litter or scrub dirty litter boxes ever again!

Our team of professionals have over 30 years of cleaning experience between them and we always try to make our customers happy!

We support all who service our communities and our country. Discounts available to police
officers, firemen, teachers, veterans and military.
( Card as proof)

Women Owned Business

Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas

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