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I Love my Pooch, but Hate the Poop!

Family with dog

Dogs are pretty popular. We form awesome bonds with our Dogs.

If you're reading this article, you most certainly have at least one pet in your household. And as a pet parent, you already know your daily responsibilities and obligations.

Obligations include taking care of your dog; feeding them, exercising them, regular visits to vet, and the dreaded task of cleaning up after them.

They may be amazing but cleaning up after them is the most dreaded chore in the household, but it needs to be done. Because both people and pets need a clean environment.

Some of us get too lazy to do it or just hate doing it. Some of us are so busy with work, kids, or activities. And some of us are elderly or have limited mobility making it hard to clean up.

So why hire a professional scooper service? And what is a scooper service?

For those who do not know about pooper scooper services, they are here to clean up what your dogs leave behind in your yard and flower beds etc.

Now for the why; so without further ado, here are some reasons to hire a professional instead of doing the dirty work yourself.

1. Poop is gross and smells bad.

Especially when they are not solid. Dog waste takes years to break down and ruins yards and pollutes our drinking water.

It ruins the appearance of properties and attracts flies.

2. Never Again

Life is heck of a lot easier not ever having to mess with the poop again. It's a service you will love. Hiring a scooper service can make the difference in whether you keep a pet or not.

3. Too busy

The precious moments you have for your family and yourself shouldn't be used to clean poop from yards, after all isn't that why you hire a lawn service or a maid service?

Even if you're a pet owner that has plenty of free time but still can appreciate a service that cleans up after your pet.

4. Eliminates arguments within families and possibly neighbors.

When your spouse or kids refuse to do the most disgusting chore and expect you to do it all the time, a pooper scooper service isn't a bad idea.

5. If you have physical limitations/ disability:

If you just have trouble bending over to clean up after your pet, this service is appreciated. Elderly and disabled pet owners all may need help cleaning up after their pet.

Sometimes it makes a difference in being able to keep a favorite pet or having to get rid of it.

Most scooper service gives discount to service dogs, assistance dogs and seniors.

6. Disease

Dog poop can contain dangerous pathogens like E.coli, Coliform, Whipworms, Hookworms, Roundworms, Giardia, Parvo and many other harmful organisms.

Many organisms can be transferred to humans and other pets. These organisms can cause diarrhea, intestinal illness, cramps, kidney disorder in pets, children and older people especially those with weaker immune systems.

Pathogens can survive in the ground soil for a long time. and as kids and pets play or when you're working in the yard can get transferred through clothes, shoes, and paws. Ew!

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